Project Overview

1. “Social infrastructural information data hub”(GsC)

GsC (Geospatial Information Center is a data center that provides one-stop search and acquisition functions for social infrastructure information, regardless of whether it is for sale or free of charge. GsC also exhibits at events, conducts promotional activities, and holds seminars for the purpose of disseminating and distributing social infrastructure information. By registering as a user (free of charge), you can receive the latest information by e-mail. We look forward to you joining us as a user.


2. “My City” series for improving municipal productivity,

To solve social issues and improve municipal productivity, we are developing the "My City" series of projects using mostly national open data. We provide implementation support chiefly to municipalities.

My City Construction
Online Electronic Delivery System
My City Report
Citizen collaborative repair reporting system for public facilities, AI-based road damage detection system for road managers
My City Forecast
Forecasting future population and the urban environment based on current statistical data


3. ‘Urban Data Challenge’ utilizing public data

Contest Open to the Public! Corporate Sponsors also Welcome!

For resolving local public issues, we support the Urban Data Challenge (UDC) project. UDC is a year-long, open to the public contest for the resolution of local public issues based on public data from local governments. Contest winners will receive a total of 2-million-yen in
prizes! For more information, please see the "Urban Data Challenge" website.
Since the start of the project in 2013, the scope of activities has expanded to various regions. Events and activities are being held
nationwide. We also welcome sponsor companies to join the project.Please contact the UDC bureau.


4. Research and development, standardization

■Association with the donation grants sector of the University of Tokyo.
To contribute to the realization of a digital spatial society, AIGID and the University of Tokyo's Research Institute for Digital Spatial Society are working together through the establishment of a mutually sustained collaborative relationship. We are promoting social implementation of research results by utilizing the know how, technologies, networks, and other resources possessed by both parties.
■Clarifying rules for the efficient use of social infrastructural data.
Clarification of the rules for the effective use of social infrastructure data by confirming secondary use procedures for the business use of public survey data and other issues.

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